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Glorieta Camp

June 22 June 26

Glorieta Camp
$444 – $459 per participant

Glorieta Camp

Tucked in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at the southernmost part of the Rocky Mountain chain, Glorieta Camps, an affiliate camp of Camp Eagle, has welcomed millions of guests since its founding 60 years ago and has been home to FUGE Camps since our very first summer in 1979. Glorieta offers both Centrifuge and MFuge.


Glorieta offers a beautiful auditorium, a variety of meeting spaces and housing options plus an abundance of recreational and outdoor adventure opportunities. Glorieta also offers all inclusive recreation options which includes fly lines, the waterfront, mudpit, crate stacking, mountain biking, paintball, bag jump, gagaball, mini golf, drift trikes, terrain park, inflatables, archery tag, via ferrata, obstacle course on rock face, and an arbor climb. Use of recreational options during Hang Time as an individual or church will require sign up on opening day during the registration process.

Housing: Dorm style and bunkhouses. Bath in room and community. Linens are not provided. Dorms do not lock with accordance to Glorieta Camp’s Child Protection Policy. Dorms are not air conditioned. You may want to bring a small fan per room. Housing restrictions also include not placing one adult and one child in the same room in accordance to Glorieta Camp’s Child Protection Policy. Early Arrival and Housing Upgrades:If you need to arrive early to camp or need to book housing for your bus driver, please contact the Conferences Department at Glorieta Camps. There may be limitations on time and dates. Space is limited, but Glorieta Camps will do their best to accommodate your requests. Please contact Caitlin Barge: [email protected]

Lockers: Glorieta will provide lockers, based upon availability, in order to lock up valuables, medication, etc. Please plan on bringing your own padlock. Glorieta Camps runs up to 5 other camps located on other areas of the property, including but not limited to family camp, group camp, wilderness adventure, day camp, individual camp, trail crew, and other smaller retreats.

Meals: We serve our food family style. Churches will be assigned a table number(s). Everyone will enter the dining hall and be seated. Each table will send a representative to pick up a tray of food. We desire to serve our guests well by meeting any dietary needs to ensure their ability to feel good and perform well throughout the duration of their adventure experience. Glorieta will prepare and provide one meal alternative at each sitting that accommodates the following: gluten-free and vegan. These requests can be made by guests during the registration process for an additional $15 per person for all meals. If this is due to a medical reason, this cost will be covered. If it is a preference, the camper will be responsible to pay this fee directly. If guest would like to bring their own allergy friendly meals they can store it in our allergy refrigerator and use one of mircrowaves and toasters to warm up their food. Please label any food stored in the refrigerator with name and dates of camp. Glorieta camps does not cook with or use any nuts.

Medical Expectations: First Aid- FUGE Camps provides staff trained in First Aid. Glorieta Camps does NOT provide First Aid. Emergency Response-In the event of a medical emergency or major accident, Glorieta Camps staff will participate in emergency response by contacting the local Emergency Medical Services and assisting with patient care until EMS arrives, as is consistent with the training of the staff available at the time. In general, EMS response time averages 1-15 minutes. Medications-Glorieta Camps is NOT responsible for the storage, administration, and logging of participants personal prescription medications while on Glorieta Camps property. You may request the use of locking cabinets and Glorieta Camps will be glad to provide it.

Payments: Glorieta Camps does not provide medical insurance coverage for participants or guests; therefore, while attending camp, if a participant requires medical attention, they will be required to pay for it themselves. *Information listed above is subject to change without notice.

Centrifuge Tracks

Adventure Track, Basketball, Battleball, Crafts, Creative Movement, Creative Painting, Defending Your Faith, Disc Golf, Drama, Flag Football, For Girls Only, Gagaball, Games Track, Growing Your Faith, Guitar, Hiking, Kickball, Lawn Games, Leadership 101, Life After High School, Misc Frisbee Games, Percussion, Random Acts of Service, Sharing Your Faith, Sign Language, Soccer, Softball, Spiritual Gifts, STEM Track, The Man Track, Total Body Fitness, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Water Games, Worship Leadership. *Track times offered are subject to change and depend on the size of camp for the session attending.

Ministry Tracks (MFuge)

Childrens, Games and Rec, PCY (Painting, Construction, and Yardwork), Social. *Track times offered are subject to change and depend on the size of camp for the session attending.

Contact Info


11 State Road 50
Glorieta, New Mexico 87535 USA



Before May 1st Contact:

Camps Customer Service at 1(877)CAMP-123

After May 1st Contact:

Glorieta FUGE Camp Cell Phone: 615.266.3007
Glorieta FUGE Camp Email Address: [email protected]

Camper Mail address

Attn: FUGE Camps
411 State Road 50
Glorieta, New Mexico 87535 USA

Camp Pastor

Lucas Pinckard

Lucas Pinckard is the Pastor at First Baptist Church Lake Dallas in Lake Dallas, TX. Lucas accepted Christ at the age of 4 and surrendered to ministry at the age of 14. He has been serving at FBC Lake Dallas since 2013. Lucas began serving in ministry in 2002 as a worship leader. In 2003 he began serving internationally as an evangelist. In 2010 Lucas spent time in Canada working at Redwood Park Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario where he was licensed to preach the Gospel. He was Ordained at FBC Lake Dallas. Lucas and his wife Kirsten live in Lake Dallas, Texas with their dogs Yeti, Ullr, and Loki.

Worship Leader

Ashlynn Young

Ashlynn Young, a 22 year old free spirit who has a heart for genuine worship. Born and raised in a musical family. Ashlynn’s experience with music began at an early age, watching her parents as they lead worship for their congregation. She began to step into a worship leader role in 2018 given the opportunity and desire to manage what was her youth band at the time, she took it head on, finding joy in the opportunity given to her. Ashlynn’s journey at Glorieta, as a four year student, a Bible Study Leader and a member of the FUGE Camps staff band in 22’ and 23’, fuels her excitement to return and see more hearts touched. Her emphasis is on creating a safe and genuine worship space, it reflects her commitment to allowing individuals to express their worship in a way that is unique to them. Whether leading a congregation in worship or engaging with the community, Ashlynn’s authenticity and passion create an environment where people can experience the transformative power of God’s love.